SBL 2013 – Aramaic Studies Session

The preliminary Program Book for SBL 2013 in Baltimore is up. There will be quite a few papers in various sessions related to Aramaic and Aramaic studies. The AS Session has a strong line up:


Aramaic Studies
1:00 PM to 3:45 PM
Room: 312 – Convention Center


After the papers have been delivered, there will be a brief presentation on the history of the Aramaic Studies section.

Edward Cook, Catholic University of America, Presiding

Binyamin Y. Goldstein, Yeshiva University
The Significance of Late Medieval Witnesses for the Textual Study of the Targumim (30 min)

Catherine E. Bonesho, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Altar to Sol: No Longer to Malakbel, a New Translation of the Palmyrene Inscription of PAT 0248 (30 min)

Andrew D. Gross, The Catholic University of America

The Legal Traditions of Nabatean-Aramaic: Something New, Something Old, or Something Borrowed? (30 min)

Leeor Gottlieb, Bar-Ilan University

Pseudo-Jonathan’s Direct Literary Influence on Targum Chronicles (30 min)

Moshe J. Bernstein, Yeshiva University
Stylistic Features in the Narrative of the Genesis Apocryphon (30 min)

Welcome Back!

After several months down we are slowly bringing the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies back! All the currently available English translations of the Targumim are back online as well as the Solger MS images of TgRuth and TgLam. Stay tuned for updates and news from the International Organization for Targum Studies.