CAL – The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

A new dictionary of the Aramaic language, to be called The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon, has been in preparation by an international team of scholars since 1986, currently with headquarters at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. This major scholarly reference work will cover all dialects and periods of ancient Aramaic, one of the principal languages of antiquity, with a literature of central importance for history and civilization, and especially for the Jewish and Christian religions.

The current web site is a tool for scholarly research. It presumes that users are already familiar with the materials they are researching.

Targum Institute – includes, among other resources:

  • Critical Edition of Targum Samuel
  • List of Modern Targum Editions
  • ITTEP – International Targum Text Edition Project (Proposal)
  • Targum Manuscript Database
  • List of Haftarot and Torah Sections
  • Standard List of Sigla
  • List of Catalogues Used
  • Projects
    • A Jewish Targum in a Christian World
    • History and Origin of Targum Jonathan
    • Bilingual Concordance to the Targum of the Prophets

Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud and Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow (1926)

10 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I have a question about Targum reading traditions. Some MSS have a triple yodh to represent the Tetragrammaton. What would the public readers of the Targum actually pronounce here?

  2. I am not certain but, given tradition, I would guess “haShem,” meaning “the Name.” This is orthodox tradition.

  3. Or Adonay, depends of the tradition (Yemeni Jews do so when reading the Targum).

  4. I noticed that as well, just this past week. I don’t know what has happened but I will enquire.

  5. Hey Matt! I’m curious what you’re working on over at McMaster that would require you to access the website.

    I communicated with Prof. Staalduine-Sulman about the website in September 2023. Here’s part of her reply: “The site will be rearranged. We have made plans to do so, but it will take a while to finish this project.” I.e., it’s indefinitely unavailable but will (hopefully) be available and upgraded when it is.

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