IOTS Bylaws

International Organization for Targumic Studies

1. The International Organization for Targumic Studies (hereinafter IOTS or the Organization) is constituted for the study of the targumim, ancient Jewish translations of Hebrew Bible into Aramaic, from any academic approach, methodology or purpose. It also includes the study of subjects related to research into the targumim.

2. The IOTS shall have a regular conference, and possibly other academic meetings and activities. At the1995 formation meeting of the IOTS in Cambridge, it was decided that Organization’s main conference should be held every three years in conjunction with the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament. The triennial Business Meeting will be held during this conference.

3. Membership in the IOTS shall be obtained by the payment of the annual dues.

Business Meetings

4. All members attending the IOTS’ triennial conference may attend and vote in the triennial Business Meeting.

5. Any member or group of members of the IOTS may bring a motion for consideration to the Organization, usually at the triennial Business Meeting. Major motions should in written form and submitted to the President at least a week before the Meeting. The President will take steps to ensure that all such motions are circulated as widely as possible among the membership before consideration. The membership may vote to waive this rule concerning time in particular circumstances.

6. Quorum. The members of the IOTS present at the publicized triennial Business Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

7. Special business meetings and/or votes of the membership to consider special questions or issues may be held. These may be held during the triennial conference or between such conferences. The latter should be held via some form of distance communication, such as email. The President and/or a majority of the EC shall have the authority to convene such a meeting.

The Officers and the Executive Committee

8. Officers of the IOTS shall be the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer. The President shall direct the Organization and organize its triennial conference. The Vice-President shall assist the President as needed and shall serve as Acting President should the President be unable to fulfill his or her duties. The Secretary shall be in charge of correspondence and the taking and maintaining of written records of the Organization and its decisions.

9. The IOTS shall have an Executive Committee (hereinafter EC) to carry out the goals of the Organization, to implement decisions of the membership, and to make decisions on behalf of the Organization between Business Meetings. It shall also assist the President in the accomplishment of his or her duties, including the organization of the triennial conference.

10. The EC shall consist of nine members: the three officers, five at-large members, and the Editor of the Newsletter of Targumic and Cognate Studies (who will serve ex-officio). The at-large members should be representative of the different geographic and national constituencies of the IOTS as much as possible. If the Newsletter Editor becomes an officer, then another at-large member shall be elected to fill out the EC membership.

11. The IOTS members shall elect the officers and EC members at the triennial Business Meeting. Nominations may be communicated to an officer beforehand, or made from the floor during the meeting. Nominations require an proposer, a second, and the agreement of the individual proposed.

12. Officers and members of the EC shall serve for a term of three years. They may be re-elected twice to the same position, for a total of three terms. After a term out of that position, they may be reelected.

13. Any member of the EC shall have the authority to convene a meeting of the EC, giving ample notice to all members. A quorum of the EC shall be five, including proxy votes. Meetings may be held in person or by electronic means, including email. Except in extraordinary circumstances, such meetings should be convened in association with the President, or other appropriate officer.

14. At the option of the President, decisions may be taken by the EC without officially convening a meeting. All members should be clearly informed of the matters needing attention and given ample notice. Votes may be taken in person, by mail, or by electronic means.

15. The EC may establish committees or subcommittees to assist in accomplishing its tasks.

16. The EC shall have the ability to elect new members to itself between business meetings to complete unfilled terms.


17. The financial means of IOTS consist of membership dues, gifts, subsidies and/or legacies. The Treasurer keeps record of the financial means and presents an annual balance and budget proposal to the EC for approval.

18. Dues shall be due at the first of the year, payable annually or in multi-year installments. Dues shall include a subscription to the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies. The Treasurer shall issue a receipt for dues paid which may serve as proof of membership. The EC may adjust the amount of dues depending on the cost of services and activities they cover, as well as other related matters. The IOTS membership may vote to accept or reject an adjustment at its triennial Business Meeting.

19. Dues and other monies may be used for any activity or service approved by the membership or the EC. Examples of these may include (but are not limited to) discretionary funds to enable officers to carry out their functions, website support, support of the Newsletter or other publications, major projects, conference subventions, scholarships or fellowships.

20. These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members attending the triennial Business Meeting or between meetings by two-thirds of the written votes of members according to Article 3.

21. The Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies is the main publication for official news concerning the IOTS. The IOTS Executive Committee shall approve the NTCS Steering Committee

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