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  1. where did the link to the psalms go? They are not on here anymore? Also where are the rest of the English translations of the Tanakh!!?? its been over 10 years since ive known of this website and haved checked back hefe to read The 1st set of scripture from the aramaic versions. Two men have already made two versions of the NEW Covenant set of scripture. One is the eastern peshitta and the other comes from the western peshitta. Why hasnt anyone made English translations of the TORAH, PROPHETS AND WRITINGS AKA OLD TESTAMENT!!??

  2. Patrick, This site simply offers those translations that are freely available. The Psalms are still on this site (this link) as is the Pentateuch (this link for TgPsJon and TgOnk). The rest of the Prophets and the Writings are incomplete because we have not had anyone willing/able to scan and render a translation that is not under copyright or provide a new translation of their own. In the meantime serious students of Targum who do not have access to the Aramaic should consider purchasing the Aramaic Bible Series volumes or consider the electronic versions on Accordance.

    In short, people HAVE made the English translations available one simply has to pay for them.

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