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The Fragment Targums (formerly known as Targum Yerushalmi II) comprise collections of passages that have been selected from a complete Palestinian Targum. These selections range from verses with large amounts of additional, non-translational material, to those containing smaller amounts of addition, to substitutions of short phrases or single words. Fragment Targums are misnamed, for they are not remains of deteriorated manuscripts, but were instead created intentionally in their present form. There are two primary texts of the Fragment Targums, the Paris ms. and the Vatican ms. The latter shares the same text as the shorter Nurnberg (the so-called Solger ms) and Leipzig manuscripts. The Cairo Geniza produced fragments of two other manuscripts fragment targums. One is in the British Library, the other is in the Jewish Theological Seminar in New York. Michael Klein has published a scholarly edition of Paris, a composite text of Vatican, Nurnberg and Leipzig, and the British Library ms. The New York manuscript appears in Klein's edition of the Cairo Geniza material (see below). <ref> Klein, Michael L. The Fragment-Targums of the Pentateuch 2 vols. Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1980. </ref>

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