Psalm 90

1.     The prayer that Moses the prophet of the Lord prayed when the people, the house of Israel, sinned in the wilderness. He raised his voice and thus he said: O Lord, the dwelling of whose presence is in heaven, you have been for us a helper in every generation.

2.     When it was manifest in your presence that your people were going to sin, you established repentance; before ever the mountains were lifted up and the earth and the worlds inhabitants created, and from this age to the age to come, you are God.

3.     You will return a son of man to death because of his sin; and [yet] you have said, Repent, O sons of men.

4.     For a thousand years in your eyes are considered in your presence like a yesterday, for it will pass; and like a watch in the night.

5.     And if they do not repent, death will come upon them, they will be as those who are sleeping; and in the age to come, they will disappear like crumbling grass. Another Targum: You made them drink the cup of cursing; they became like a drunken man in his sleep.

6.     Their deeds are like grass that in the morning will spring up and multiply; in the evening it fades and dries up from the heat.

7.     For we have been destroyed by your harshness, and by your anger[1] we have been terrified.

8.     You have set our sins in front of you, the iniquities of our youth before the light of your face.

9.     For all our days have been removed from your presence in your anger; we have completed the days of our lives like a vapor of the mouth in winter.

10.  The days of our years in this age are seventy years, quickly passing;[2] and if [one is] in strength, eighty years; but most of them are toil and deceit for the guilty, for they pass in haste and fly away to the morning.[3]

11.  Who is he who knows how to turn back the force of your harshness? except the righteous, who fear you, appease your anger.

12.  Who is right to teach us to number our days, except the prophet, whose heart pours forth wisdom?

13.  Turn, O Lord how long will you afflict us? and turn from the harm that you commanded to do to your servants.[4]

14.  Satisfy us with your goodness in the age that is likened to a morning, and we will rejoice and be glad in all our days.

15.  Gladden us like the days that you afflicted us, like the years that we saw harm.

16.  Let the works of your miracles appear to your servants, and let your splendor be upon their sons.

17.  And may the pleasantness of the Garden of Eden be upon us from the presence of the Lord our God, and the works of our hands will be established by him.[5]


Psalm 91

1.     He who makes his presence abide in secret is the Most High; he will lodge in the shadow of the clouds of the glory of Shaddai.

2.     David said: I will say to the Lord, My confidence and my strong fortress; my God, I will trust in his word.

3.     For he will deliver you, Solomon my son, from the snare and the obstacle, from death and confusion.

4.     With the shelter of his presence he will shelter you, and you will be confident under the shelter of his glory; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

5.     Be not afraid of the terror of demons who walk at night, of the arrow of the angel of death that he looses during the day;

6.     Of the death that walks in darkness, of the band of demons that attacks at noon.

7.     You will invoke the holy name; a thousand will fall at your left side, and ten thousand at your right; they will not come near you to do harm.

8.     Only with your eyes you will watch, and you will see the wicked as they are destroyed.

9.     Solomon answered and said: For you are my confidence, O Lord; in the highest dwelling place you have placed the house of your presence.

10.  The lord of the world responded and thus he said: No harm shall happen to you; and no plague or demon shall come near to your tents.

11.  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

12.  They will lift you up by their strength, lest you stumble on the evil impulse, which is likened to the stones at your feet.

13.  You will trample on[6] the lions whelp and the adder; you will tread down the lion and the viper.

14.  Because he has taken pleasure in my word, and I will deliver him; I will exalt him because he knows my name.

15.  He will pray in my presence and I will answer him; I am with him in distress, I will save him and glorify[7] him.

16.  I will satisfy him with length of days; I will show him my redemption.


Psalm 92

1.     A psalm and song that the first Adam uttered concerning the Sabbath day.

2.     It is good to give thanks in the presence of the Lord, and to praise your name, O Most High.

3.     To recount your goodness in the morning, and your truth in the nights,

4.     According to the harp of ten strings, and according to the lyre, upon the murmuring of harps.

5.     For you have made me glad, O Lord, by your works; I will rejoice in the works of your hands.

6.     How great are your works, O Lord; your thoughts are very deep.

7.     A foolish son of man will not know it, and a fool will not comprehend this.

8.     While the wicked flourish like grass and all workers of deceit blossom, God is going to destroy them forever.

9.     But you are high and supreme in this age, O Lord, and you are high and supreme in the age to come. Another Targum: And you, your hand is supreme to punish the wicked in the age to come, in the great day of judgment, O Lord; and you, your hand is supreme to give a good reward to the righteous in the age to come, O Lord.

10.  For, behold, your enemies,[8] O Lord, for behold, your enemies will perish in the age to come; and all the workers of deceit will be separated from the band of the righteous.

11.  You have raised up my might like a wild-ox; you have anointed me with moist anointing oil of the leafy olive.

12.  And my eye has looked on the perdition of my oppressors; my ear has heard the sound of the destruction of those who stand against me to do harm.

13.  The righteous man will grow fruit like the palm-tree, like the cedar in Lebanon he will grow and produce roots.

14.  His sons will be planted in the sanctuary of the Lord; in the court of the house of our God they will flourish.

15.  Again like their fathers they will produce sons in old age; they will be plump and juicy.

16.  So that the inhabitants of the earth might tell it, for the Lord is upright; my strength,[9] and there is no wrong in him.


Psalm 93

1.     The Lord is king, he has put on greatness; the Lord has put on strength and girded himself; also he made strong[10] the world, so that it will not be shaken.

2.     Your throne is established from the beginning; from eternity you are God.

3.     The rivers lift up, O Lord, the rivers lift up their voice in song; the rivers will receive a reward for their praise.

4.     The Lord is more to be praised in the highest heavens than the sound of many waters, the praiseworthy [waters], the breakers of the great sea!

5.     Your testimonies are very true, beautiful and holy for your sanctuary, O Lord, for length of days.


Psalm 94

1.     The God who takes vengeance is the Lord; the God who takes vengeance has appeared.[11]

2.     Lift yourself up, O judge of the earth; requite evil to the proud.

3.     How long will the wicked, O Lord,[12] how long will the wicked dwell in tranquillity?

4.     They will gush and speak blasphemy; all the workers of deceit utter disgraceful words.

5.     They will crush your people, O Lord, and impoverish your inheritance.

6.     They will kill the widow and proselyte, and they will murder orphans.

7.     And they said, Yah will not see, and the God of Jacob will not comprehend it.

8.     Consider, you who are fools among the people; and you unwise when will you gain insight?

9.     Could it be that the ear was planted, and hears no instruction? Or could it be that he created the eye, and it has not looked at the Torah?

10.  Could it be that he gave the Torah to his people, and when they sin, they are not rebuked? Did not the Lord teach knowledge to the first Adam?

11.  The thoughts of the sons of men are known in the presence of the Lord, for they are nothingness.

12.  It is well for the man whom you rebuke, O Yah; and you will instruct him out of your Torah.

13.  To give him quietness from the days of evil until the pit is created for the wicked.

14.  For the Lord will not abandon his people, nor will he forsake his inheritance.

15.  For justice will return to righteousness, and after it all the upright of heart will be redeemed.

16.  Who will arise for me to do battle with evildoers? Who will stand up for me to dispute with workers of deceit?

17.  If the Lord were not my helper, my soul would almost have dwelt in silence.

18.  If I said, My foot is slipping, your goodness, O Lord, will aid me.

19.  In the many thoughts within me, your comforts will delight my soul.

20.  Could it be that the throne of deceit will be allied with you? Or could the creature of toil stand against the covenant?

21.  Evil things will gather against the soul of the righteous man; and they will condemn innocent blood to the judgment of death.

22.  But the Lord[13] will be a helper for me; and my God is the strength of my confidence.

23.  And he has turned their lies against them, and he will destroy them[14] in their evil; the Lord our God will destroy them.


Psalm 95

1.     Come, let us sing praise before the Lord, let us shout aloud before the Mighty One of our redemption.

2.     Let us come before his face with thanksgiving, with hymns let us shout aloud before him.

3.     For the Lord is the great God, and the great king over every god.[15]

4.     From whose hand the depths of the earth are suspended, and the strongholds of the mountain height are his.

5.     His is the sea, and he made it; and his hands created the dry land.

6.     Come, let us bow down and prostrate ourselves; let us kneel in the presence of the Lord who makes us.

7.     For he is our God and we are his people and the flock of his hands pasturing; today, if you accept his word

8.     Do not harden your heart as in the dispute, as on the day you tested God in the wilderness.

9.     For your fathers tempted me, they tried me; yet they saw my works.

10.  Forty years I rejected the generation of the wilderness, and I said, They are a people with error in their heart, and they do not know my ways.

11.  For I swore in the harshness of my wrath, They will not enter the repose of my sanctuary.


Psalm 96

1.     Sing in the presence of the Lord a new psalm; sing praise, angels of the height, sing praise in the presence of the Lord, all righteous of the earth.

2.     Sing praise in the presence of the Lord, bless his name; proclaim his redemption from day to day.

3.     Tell of his glory among the Gentiles, of his wonders among all the peoples.

4.     For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised; and he is more to be feared than any god.

5.     For all the things feared by the Gentiles are idols; but the Lord made the heavens.

6.     Praise and splendor are in his presence; strength and praise[16] are in his sanctuary.

7.     Make music in the presence of the Lord, O races of peoples; ascribe glory and strength in the presence of the Lord.

8.     Ascribe glory in the presence of the Lord, and exalt his name; carry and bring an offering and enter his presence in his courts.

9.     Bow down before him in the splendor of holiness; tremble in his presence, all inhabitants of the earth.

10.  Say among the Gentiles, The Lord reigns; also the world is made firm that it will not totter;[17] he will judge the peoples uprightly.

11.  The forces of heaven will rejoice and the righteous of the earth will exult; the sea will shout and all its fullness.

12.  The field and everything in it will pour forth praise; then all the trees of the forest will sing

13.  In the presence of the Lord, for he comes, for he comes to judge the earth; he will judge the world with righteousness and the peoples with his faithfulness.


Psalm 97

1.     The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice, let the many isles be glad.

2.     Clouds of glory and darkness are around him; righteousness and justice are the place where his throne is set.

3.     Fire will go before him, and it burns[18] around his oppressors.

4.     His lightnings illuminate the world; the earth saw and trembled.

5.     The mountains will melt like wax in the presence of the Lord, in the presence of the master of all the earth.

6.     The angels of the height will tell of his righteousness, and all the peoples will see his glory.

7.     All who worship idols will be ashamed, who pride themselves on a false god; and all the peoples who worship a false god will bow down in his presence.

8.     The assembly of Zion has heard and rejoiced, and the daughters of the house of Judah exult, because of your judgments, O Lord.

9.     For you are the Lord, the supreme one over all the inhabitants of the earth; you are greatly exalted over all that is revered.

10.  O you who love the Lord, hate evil, because the Almighty protects the souls of his pious ones; from the hands of the wicked he will deliver them.

11.  Light has shone and is hidden for the righteous, and joy for the upright of heart.

12.  Be glad, O righteous, in the word of the Lord, and give thanks at the mention of his holy name.


Psalm 98

1.     A psalm and prophecy. Sing before the Lord a new hymn, for he has done wonders; his right hand has brought redemption, and the arm of his holy presence.

2.     The Lord has made known his redemption; in the sight of the Gentiles he has revealed his righteousness.

3.     He has called to mind his goodness and his truth to the house of Israel, and all the ends of the earth have seen the redemption of our God.

4.     Give voice in the presence of the Lord, all inhabitants of the earth; rejoice and give praise and make music.

5.     Sing in the presence of the Lord with harps, with harps and the sound of musical instruments.

6.     With trumpets and the sound of the horn, give voice in the presence of the king, the Lord.

7.     Let the sea call out, and its fullness; the world and all who dwell upon it.

8.     Let the rivers smite[19] their palms; as one, let the mountains sing aloud

9.     In the presence of the Lord, for he has come to judge the earth; he will judge the world in righteousness, and the peoples[20] with integrity.


Psalm 99

1.     The Lord reigns, the peoples will tremble; he whose presence abides among the cherubim will shake the earth.

2.     The Lord is great in Zion; and he is high over all the Gentiles.

3.     They will confess his name, great and fearful; he is holy.

4.     And you love the strength of the king of justice; you have established integrity; you have made justice and righteousness in Jacob.

5.     Sing praise in the presence of the Lord our God, and bow down towards his sanctuary; he is holy.

6.     Moses and Aaron are among his priests who gave their life for the people of the Lord, and Samuel prayed for them before the Lord, like the fathers of old, who prayed in his name; they would pray in his presence and he would answer them.

7.     In the pillar of glorious clouds he would speak with them; they kept the commandments [of] his testimony, and the covenant that he gave to them.

8.     O Lord our God, you answered them; you were a forgiving God for your people for their sake, and take vengeance for their deeds.

9.     Sing praise in the presence of the Lord our God, and bow down towards the mount of his sanctuary, for the Lord our God is holy.


Psalm 100

1.     A psalm on the offering of thanksgiving. Give a shout in the presence of the Lord, all inhabitants of the earth.

2.     Worship in the presence of the Lord with joy; come before him with praise.

3.     Make it known, for the Lord is God; he has made us and we are his, his people and the flock of his pasture.

4.     Enter his gates with thanksgiving, his courts with praise; give thanks in his presence, bless his name.

5.     For the Lord is good, his goodness is forever, and his faithfulness lasts for all generations.


Psalm 101

1.     Composed by David, a psalm. Whether you show mercy to me or treat me with justice, for both of them I will sing praise; in your presence, O Lord, I will make music.

2.     God said, I will make you wise in the perfect way; when will you come unto me? David said, I will walk in the perfection of my heart within my house of instruction.

3.     I will not set upon my heart[21] the word of the wicked man, the ones who do[22] evil; and those who wander from the commandments I hate, they will not follow me.

4.     Let the twisted heart pass from me; I shall not know the evil impulse.

5.     He who relates slander against his fellow him will I overturn;[23] and he who walks with haughty eyes will be stricken with leprosy; with him[24] I will never dwell.

6.     My eyes are on the honest of the land, to dwell in the precincts of the righteous; he who walks perfect on the way he shall stand among my ministers.

7.     He who acts guilefully will not dwell in the midst of my sanctuary; he who speaks lies has no right to stand before my eyes.

8.     In the age to come, which is likened to the light of morning, I will overturn169 all the wicked of the earth, to destroy from Jerusalem, the city of the Lord, all those who work deceit.


Psalm 102

1.     The prayer for the poor man, for he is weary, and will speak his prayer in the presence of the Lord.

2.     O Lord, accept my prayer, and let my entreaty come before you.

3.     Do not remove your presence from me in the day of my distress; incline your ear unto me; in the day that I call, hasten, answer me.

4.     For my days are consumed like smoke; and my limbs burn like an oven.

5.     My heart is smitten like grass and will dry up; for I have forgotten the Torah of my instruction.

6.     Because of the sound of my groaning, my bones have clung to my flesh.

7.     I have become like a marsh-bird in the wilderness; I have become like an owl in the parched land.

8.     I stay awake all night, and I have become like a bird that flutters and wanders by itself on the roof.

9.     All the day my enemies will jeer at me; those who mock me have sworn by my word in vain.

10.  For I have supped on ashes like food, and prepared my drink in weeping.

11.  Because of your anger and rage, for you have lifted me up and cast me down.

12.  My days are like a shadow that lengthens; and I will wither like grass.

13.  But you, O Lord, your dwelling place is eternal, in heaven you will dwell, and your memorial is to every generation.

14.  You will arise, you will pity Zion, for it is time to have compassion on her, for the season has come.

15.  For your servants have desired her stones, and they will have mercy on her dust.

16.  And the peoples[25] will fear the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth your glory.

17.  For the city of Zion was built by the command of the Lord, he was revealed in glory.

18.  He turned to the prayer of those who were made desolate, and did not despise their prayer.

19.  Let this prayer be written for a later generation, and the people yet to be created will praise Yah.[26]

20.  For he watched from the high heavens of his holiness; the Lord looked from heaven to earth.

21.  To hear the cry of the prisoners; to set loose the children of those handed over to death.

22.  To tell in Zion the name of the Lord, and his praise in Jerusalem.

23.  When peoples are gathered together, and kingdoms to worship in the presence of the Lord.

24.  My strength is harmed by the weariness of the path of exile; my days are shortened.

25.  I will say in the presence of my God, Do not remove me from the[27] world at the halfway point of my days; bring me to the world to come, because your years are throughout generations of generations.

26.  In the beginning when all creatures were created, you founded the earth, and the heavens are the works of your hand.

27.  They will perish but you will endure; and all of them like a garment will wear out; like a mantle you will change them and they will pass away.

28.  And you are he who created them; and your years do not come to an end.

29.  The sons of your servants will abide in the land; and their offspring will be established in your presence.


Psalm 103

1.     Composed by David, spoken in prophecy. Bless, O my soul, the name of the Lord, and let all my viscera bless his holy name.

2.     Bless, O my soul, the name of the Lord, and do not forget all his nourishment, for he made breasts for your mother instead of insight.[28]

3.     Who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases.

4.     Who redeems your life from Gehinnom, who crowned you with kindness and mercy.

5.     Who satisfies the days of your old age with goodness, and in the age to come, your youth will be renewed like the eagle of the canopy.[29]

6.     The Lord does acts of righteousness, and judgments for all the oppressed.

7.     He revealed his ways to Moses, his deeds to the children of Israel.

8.     The Lord is merciful and compassionate; he loathes anger and does many deeds of goodness and truth.

9.     He will not quarrel always, nor will he retain hostility forever.

10.  He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor has he repaid us according to our iniquities.

11.  For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his goodness to those who fear him.

12.  As far as the east is from the west, thus far has he removed from us our transgressions.

13.  As a father (abba) who loves[30] the children, so the Lord loves those who fear him.

14.  For he knows[31] our evil impulse that makes us sin;[32] in his presence it is remembered, for we are from dust.

15.  The days of a son of man are like grass; like a blossom of the field, so will he bloom.

16.  For a storm-wind has blown on him and he is no more; and he no longer is aware of his place.

17.  But the favor of the Lord is upon those that fear him, from this age to the age to come; and his generosity is for the children of [their] children.

18.  For those who keep his covenant, and for those who remember his commandments to do them.

19.  The Lord has established his throne in the highest heavens; and his kingdom rules over all.

20.  Bless the name of the Lord, O his angels, who are mighty in power, who do his word, to obey the sound of his word.

21.  Bless the name of the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers who do his will.

22.  Bless the name of the Lord, all his works, his dominion is in every place. Bless, O my soul, the name of the Lord.


Psalm 104

1.     Bless, O my soul, the name of the Lord. O Lord my God, you are greatly exalted; you have put on praise and splendor.

2.     Who wraps himself in light like a sheet, who stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

3.     Who covers his chambers with water like a building with beams; who placed his chariot, as it were, upon swift clouds; who goes on the wings of an eagle.

4.     Who made his messengers as swift as wind; his servants, as strong as burning fire.

5.     Who lays the foundation of the earth upon its base, so that it will not shake for ages upon ages.

6.     You have covered over the abyss as with a garment; and the waters split on the mountains, and endure.

7.     At your rebuke, they will flee, flowing down; at the sound of your shout, they will be frightened, pouring themselves out.

8.     They will go up from the abyss to the mountains, and descend to the valleys, to this place that you founded for them.

9.     You have placed a boundary for the waves of the sea that they will not cross, lest they return to cover the earth.

10.  Who releases springs into rivers; they flow between the mountains.

11.  They water all the wild animals; the asses will break their thirst.

12.  The birds of heaven will settle on them; they will give out a sound of singing from among the branches.

13.  Who waters the mountains from his upper treasury; the earth will be satisfied with the fruit of your deeds.

14.  Who makes grass grow for beasts, and herbs for the cultivation of the son of man, that bread may come forth from the earth;

15.  And wine that gladdens the heart of the son of man, to make the face shine by oil; and bread will support the heart of the son of man.

16.  The trees that the Lord created are satisfied, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted:

17.  Where the birds make nests; the storks[33] dwelling is in the cypresses.

18.  The high mountains are for the wild goats; the rocks are security for the conies.

19.  He made the moon to calculate times by; the sun knows the time of his setting.

20.  You will make darkness and it will be night; in it all the beasts of the forest creep about.

21.  The offspring of lions roar to find food, and to seek their sustenance from God.

22.  The sun will shine, they gather together; and they lay down in their dwelling place.

23.  A son of man will go forth to his work and to his cultivation, until the sunset[34] of evening.

24.  How many are your works, O Lord! You have made all of them in wisdom; the earth is full of your possessions.

25.  This sea is great and broad in extent; creeping things are there without number, both tiny creatures and large.

26.  There the ships go about, [and] this Leviathan you created for the sport of the righteous at the supper of his dwelling place.

27.  All of them rely on you to give their food in its time.

28.  You will give it to them, and they gather it; you will open your hand, and they are satisfied with goodness.

29.  You will remove your presence, they are dazed; you will gather their spirit and they expire, and return to their dust.

30.  You will send out your holy spirit and they are created; and you will make new the surface of the earth.

31.  May the glory of the Lord be eternal; the Lord will rejoice in his works.

32.  Who looks at the earth, and it shakes; he draws near to the mountains, and they emit smoke.

33.  I will sing praise in the presence of the Lord during my life; I will make music to my God while I exist.

34.  May my talk be pleasing in his presence; I will rejoice in the word of the Lord.

35.  The sinners will be destroyed from the earth, and wicked exist no longer. Bless, O my soul, the name of the Lord. Hallelujah!


Psalm 105

1.     Sing praise in the presence of the Lord, call on his name; tell of his deeds among the Gentiles.

2.     Sing praise in his presence, make music in his presence; speak of all his wonders.

3.     Sing praise in his holy name; may the heart of those who seek instruction from the presence of the Lord be glad.

4.     Seek the teaching of the Lord, and his Torah; welcome his face continually.

5.     Call to mind the wonders that he has done; his miracles, and the judgments of his mouth.

6.     O seed of Abraham his servant, O sons of Jacob, his chosen ones

7.     He is the Lord our God; his judgments are extended over all the earth.

8.     He remembered his covenant forever; he commanded a word for a thousand generations.

9.     That which he made with Abraham, and his covenant with Isaac.

10.  And he established it for Jacob as a decree, for Israel as a perpetual covenant.

11.  Saying, To you I will give the land of Canaan as the lot of your inheritance.

12.  When you were a people few in number, like little ones, and dwelling in it.

13.  And they went from people to people, from one kingdom to another people.

14.  He did not allow anyone to oppress them, and he rebuked kings on their account.

15.  Do not come near my anointed ones, and do no harm to my prophets.

16.  And he proclaimed a famine against the land; he broke every support of food.

17.  He sent a wise man before them; Joseph was sold as a slave.

18.  They afflicted his feet with chains; a collar of iron went on his soul.

19.  Until the time when his word came true; the word of the Lord purified him.

20.  He sent a king and freed him; a ruler of peoples, and he set him free.

21.  He made him master of his house, and ruler of all his property.

22.  To bind his princes to, as it were, his soul; and he grew wiser than his elders.

23.  And Israel came to Egypt, and Jacob dwelt in the land of Ham.

24.  And he made his people very numerous, and made it stronger than its oppressors.

25.  Their heart was changed to hate his people, to plot evil things against his servants.

26.  He sent Moses his servant, Aaron, with whom he was pleased.

27.  They set among them the decrees of his signs, and wonders in the land of Ham.

28.  He sent darkness and darkened them, and they did not rebel against his word.

29.  He turned their water into blood, and killed all their fish.

30.  Their land crawled with frogs in the chambers of their kings.

31.  He spoke, and brought swarms, vermin in all their territory.

32.  He gave their rain as hail,[35] blazing fire in their land.

33.  And he smote their vines and their figs, and smashed the trees of their territory.

34.  He spoke, and brought locusts, and grasshoppers without number.

35.  And they obliterated all the grass in their land, and consumed[36] the fruits of their land.

36.  And he smote[37] every firstborn in Egypt,[38] the beginning of all their strength.

37.  And he brought them out with silver and with gold, and they did not quarrel with the Egyptians about the weight.

38.  The Egyptians rejoiced when they left, for fear of them had fallen upon them.

39.  He spread out the clouds like a curtain, and fire to give light at night.

40.  They asked for flesh and he brought quail; and he will satisfy them with the bread of heaven.

41.  He opened the rock and water flowed; it went into the dry places like a river.

42.  For he remembered his holy utterance with Abraham his servant.

43.  And he brought out his people in joy, his chosen ones with praise.

44.  And he gave to them the lands of the Gentiles; and they will inherit the labor of the peoples.

45.  In order that they might keep his ordinances, and observe his Torah. Hallelujah!


Psalm 106

1.     Hallelujah![39] Give thanks in the presence of the Lord, for he is good, for his goodness is forever.

2.     Who is able to utter the might of the Lord? [Who] is allowed to proclaim all his praises?

3.     Happy are they who observe judgment, those who do righteousness at every time.

4.     Remember me, O Lord, with good will toward your people; call me to mind with your redemption.

5.     To look on the plenty of your chosen ones; to rejoice in the joy of your people; to join in praise with your inheritance.

6.     We have sinned, along with our fathers; we have committed iniquity, acted wickedly.

7.     Our fathers in Egypt paid no heed to your wonders; they did not call to mind your great goodness; and they rebelled against your word by the sea, at the sea of Reeds.

8.     And he redeemed them for his names sake, to make known his might.

9.     And he rebuked the sea of Reeds, and it dried up; and he conducted them through the deeps, as in the wilderness.

10.  And he redeemed them from the power of the foe; and he redeemed them from the power of the enemies.

11.  And the waters covered their oppressors; not one of them was left.

12.  And they believed in the name of his word; they sang his praise.

13.  They quickly forgot his deeds; they did not wait for his counsel.

14.  And they made a request[40] and tested God in the place of desolation.[41]

15.  And he gave them their request, and sent leanness into their souls.

16.  And they were jealous of Moses in the camp, of Aaron, the holy one of the Lord.

17.  The earth opened up and swallowed Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram.

18.  And fire burned in their company; flame will kindle the wicked.

19.  They made a calf in Horeb, and bowed down to something of metal.

20.  And they exchanged the glory of their master for the likeness of a bull that eats grass and befouls itself.

21.  They forgot God their redeemer who had done mighty works in Egypt.

22.  Wonders in the land of Ham, awesome things by the sea of Reeds.

23.  And he commanded by his word to destroy them, had it not been for Moses his chosen one, who stood and grew mighty in prayer in his presence to turn aside his wrath from obliteration.

24.  And their soul was repelled by the desirable land; they did not believe his word.

25.  And they complained in their tents; they did not accept the word of the Lord.

26.  And he lifted his hand in an oath because of them, to throw them down slain in the wilderness.

27.  And to exile their seed among the peoples, and to scatter them among the lands.

28.  And they attached themselves to the idol of Peor, and they ate the sacrifices of the dead.

29.  And they caused anger in his presence by their deeds, and plague attacked them.

30.  And Phinehas rose and prayed, and the plague was restrained.

31.  And it was accounted to him for merit for all generations forever.

32.  And they caused anger by the waters of Dispute, and it grieved Moses[42] because of them.

33.  For they rebelled against his holy spirit, and he had explained [it] clearly with his lips.

34.  They did not destroy the peoples, which the Lord had commanded them [to do].

35.  And they mingled with the Gentiles and they learned their deeds.

36.  And they worshipped their idol, and they became a stumbling-block for them.

37.  And they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons.

38.  And they shed innocent blood the blood of their sons and daughters that they sacrificed to the idols of the Canaanites and the land was defiled by capital crimes.

39.  And brought uncleanness by their deeds and went astray by their acts.

40.  And the anger of the Lord was harsh against his people and he[43] despised his inheritance.

41.  And he handed them over into the power of the Gentiles, and their foes ruled over them.

42.  And their enemies oppressed them, and they were subdued under their hand.

43.  Many times he would deliver them, but they would rebel against him in their counsel, and they were brought low in their sins.

44.  And he saw when it went ill with them, when he heard their prayer.

45.  And he remembered his covenant in their favor, and he turned aside from his anger according to his abundant mercies.

46.  And he made them find mercy in the sight of all who had taken them captive.

47.  Redeem us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the Gentiles, to give thanks in your holy name, to boast in your praise.

48.  Blessed be the name of the Lord God of Israel, from this age to the age to come, and let all the people say, Amen, Hallelujah.[44]


[1] Anger: rage.

[2] Quickly passing: translation uncertain.

[3] Morning: dust.

[4] Servants: people.

[5] And the works by him: and may the works of our hands flourish; he has firmly set the words of Torah upon us.

[6] Trample on: kick.

[7] Glorify: exalt.

[8] Enemies: +prosper in this age.

[9] Strength: mighty one.

[10] Made strong: established.

[11] The God appeared: or, Appear, O God who takes vengeance!

[12] Lord: +prosper.

[13] Lord: word of the Lord.

[14] Destroy them: overthrow them.

[15] Every god: all gods.

[16] Praise: rejoicing.

[17]Totter: be shaken.

[18] Burns: +and gives heat.

[19] Smite: clap.

[20] Peoples: Gentiles.

[21] Upon my heart: before my eyes.

[22] The ones who do: Tg ydb( suggests Hebrew y#w( (agreeing with LXX).

[23] Overturn: destroy.

[24] With him: Tg hymy( agrees with LXX.

[25] Peoples: Gentiles.

[26] Yah: God.

[27] The: this.

[28] Cf. Berachoth 10a.

[29] Eagle of the canopy: translation uncertain.

[30] Loves: pities.

[31] He knows: it is manifest in his presence.

[32] Sin: go astray.

[33] Storks: white storks.

[34] Sunset: time.

[35] He gave hail: He commanded their rain to become hail.

[36] Consumed: obliterated.

[37] Smote: slew.

[38] Egypt: their land.

[39] Hallelujah: Sing praise to God.

[40] Made a request: desired a desire.

[41] Desolation: dryness.

[42] Grieved Moses: or, went ill with Moses.

[43] He: his word.

[44] Hallelujah: Praise God.