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The International Organization for Targumic Studies is constituted for the study of the targumim, ancient Jewish translations of Hebrew Bible into Aramaic, from any academic approach, methodology or purpose. It also includes the study of subjects related to research into the targumim.

ITTEP Press Release - The International Organization of Targumic Studies announces the formation of the International Targum Text Edition Project. The project’s purpose is to consolidate and analyze all textual information concerning the Jewish Targums (i.e., Aramaic translations of the Hebrew Bible) from the Rabbinic and Geonic periods. The initial goal of this project will be to bring together and coalate in digital format all Targum manuscripts for each book of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. This will be followed by analysis of the manuscripts’ textual relationships, aspects of their language, textual history, and literary character. The project will take advantage of the flexibility and power that computers bring to text editing and, in that light, aims to reconceive the idea of an edited text and ultimately to make final works available in that form. Key results will not wait until the project’s completion, however, before being made available to the scholarly community. Databases and preliminary editions of each targum, as well as other tools, will be published via digital means (internet, cd-rom, etc.) when they reach a usable state.

For more information please see the ITTEP site.

IVth Congress of the IOTS

The Fourth Congress of the International Organization for Targum Study (IOTS) was held on 29-30 July 2004, in Leiden, The Netherlands.

The pdf of the minutes of the business meeting can be downloaded: 2004IOTSminutes.pdf

The schedule and abstracts can be found at the Congress here: IVth IOTS Congress

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On this site you will find notes from the IOTS conferences (held every three years), call for papers for future confrences, and information concerning the Targum Text Edition Project (ITEEP). For a bibliography of Aramaic studies and similar topics please see our sister site of the Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies.

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